ERASMUS Microprocessor Systems

email Mr. PANCIK to Mr.KENAR 5. June 2020:
SUBJECT: Erasmus Homework
Dear Suleyman,
as employees we are from 1.6.2020 back at the university.
The deadline for MS course finishing should be before 15.7. (faculty official exams finishing deadline ) –> the best time for you and me is end of June (max. 10.7. – the we will have a time for processes finish).
Please deliver me by email a documentation of your MS term project (Erasmus Homework) in WORD DOC (or PDF) [1] and also please the MS term project presentation (POWERPOINT, 8 slides will be enough).
Both items will be served as evidence of our work and I will resend them to prof. DRGONA – he will rate your MS course in the UNIZA information system (e-vzdelavanie, Mrs. PIRNIKOVA from our Faculty also confirmed this process).
At this moment we have restrictions still regarding direct contact with students (I will examination of MS course via on-line SKYPE) [2]
Yours sincerely

[1] Proposed form of DOC:
1. page TITLE (who, what, when, for whom, …)
3. page GOALS of PROJECT
4. – 6 page EXPERIMENT 1,2,3… (block schema, goals, describing of solution and describing of workproducts delivered on Google Drive, associated photo + video will be perfect) CONCLUSION
8. page SOURCES (+ URL links Google Drive at developed SW)

At end of this month the these restrictions will be canceled (I hope). BTW we can discuss via SKYPE (audio connection screen sharing, my nick in SKYPE contacts is „drpancik“, pls. give me in advance knowledge and we can arrange SKYPE call)

next SKYPE meeting  Saturday April, 4. 18,00-19,00

  • TASKS :  

Mr. KENAR’s  selfstudy report, 23. March 2020


next meeting at March, 16. , 16,00-17,00 Mr. PANCIK Office   canceled due Corona Virus situation 

meeting at 9.3. 2020 , duration 1 hour 

  • Mr. KENAR confirmed of borrowing of 1 pcs  Educational BoosterPack MKII untill end of semester
  • we discussed about UML language and also about embedded system development with UML and C++ language
  • UML models are widely used in automotive system and  sw development – this conform with ISO26262 standard approach (ISO26262 road vehicles – functional safety)
  • very good educational example of application of UML and object oriented  C++ language  is a project ATM Terminal  [1] from DEITEL’s book (C, C++, C#, JAVA …)  [2]
  • Analysis and Design of ATM terminal you can found  at [4]
  • implementation of ATM terminal as C++ project for CodeBlock  IDE is at [3] – please study it
  • [1] c:\STUDENT\Mikroprocesorove_Systemy_LETO_2020\STUDY\200126 STUDY DEITEL ATM terminal in C++\
  • [2] c:\STUDENT\Mikroprocesorove_Systemy_LETO_2020\BOOKS\191209 STUDY TOP LANGUAGE KNIHY DEITEL C++ C PYTHON\
  • [3] c:\STUDENT\Mikroprocesorove_Systemy_LETO_2020\STUDY\200126 STUDY DEITEL ATM terminal in C++\200203 ZDROJOVE KODY ATM TERMINAL v C++ ODSKUSANY s CODE_BLOCK\
  • [4] c:\STUDENT\Mikroprocesorove_Systemy_LETO_2020\STUDY\200126 STUDY DEITEL ATM terminal in C++\ATM terminal na webe\DEITEL C++ How to program ch.25 ATM terminal analysis DesignExercise.pdf

email Mr.PANCIK–>Mr.KENAR 4.3. 2020 ,  duration 1 hour 

  • I looked for info about Educational BoosterPack MKII [1].
  • A sentence „This BoosterPack plug-in module was developed with Energia in mind“ from user’s guide [2] can lead to develop or simply refresh projects for ENRGIA (a port of ARDUINO from Texas Instruments)[4][5]. Software examples [6] from page.3 [2].
  • I want to propose next projects for LAUNCHAPD MSP430F5529 during your stay here at university :
  • Repeat all examples for LAUNCHAPD MSP430F5529
  • and/or
  • Prepare examples in ENERGIA for Educational BoosterPack MKII BOOSTXL-EDUMKII + your LAUNCHAPD MSP430F5529
  • and/or
  • Porting of examples cited in [6] from MSP432P401R processor  to your  LAUNCHAPD MSP430F5529 processor (+ MKII BOOSTXL-EDUMKII) (both are based on same  TI MSP Ware library for both processors  – C functions for control of peripheral are same)
  • You can choose one or all projects :-).

kick off meeting at 3.3. 2020 , duration 1 hour 

  • student Mr. SULEYMAN KENAR , ULUDAG UNIVERSITY,  BURSA,  Republic of Turkey
  • this term  we will study of „Microprocessor Systems“ lessons  based on Texas Instruments microcontroller MSP430
  • we will work with C language
  • books to read about MPS430  [1], especially [3]
  • basic material to selfstudy step by step  [2] with sw examples [5]
  • explain how IDE  Code Composer Studio works – see how external project are   imported [4]
  • TASKS: 
  • — installation necessary sw [6]
  • — study Launchpad MSP430F5529
  • — we will meet at the Monday 16.3. 2020  16,00-17,00
  • — Mr. Pancik will prepare BOOSTXL-EDUMKII
  • — copy full associated repository at USB
  • [1] c:\STUDENT\Mikroprocesorove_Systemy_LETO_2020\BOOKS\200118 STUDY BOOKS Texas Instruments MSP430\
  • [2] c:\STUDENT\Mikroprocesorove_Systemy_LETO_2020\BOOKS\200118 STUDY BOOKS Texas Instruments MSP430\STUDENT GUIDE MSP_Design_Workshop.pdf
  • [3] c:\STUDENT\Mikroprocesorove_Systemy_LETO_2020\BOOKS\200118 STUDY BOOKS Texas Instruments MSP430\TOP EMBEDDED MSP430 JIMENEZ Introduction to Embedded Systems 2014.pdf
  • [4]
  • [5] c:\STUDENT\Mikroprocesorove_Systemy_LETO_2020\STUDY\200212 STUDY MSP430 from Texas Instruments\
  • [6] c:\STUDENT\Mikroprocesorove_Systemy_LETO_2020\STUDY\200212 STUDY MSP430 from Texas Instruments\MSP_Design_Workshop_Installation_Guide.pdf
  • [7] c:\STUDENT\Mikroprocesorove_Systemy_LETO_2020\STUDY\200212 STUDY MSP430 from Texas Instruments\MSP430F5529 USB LaunchPad Evaluation Kit slau536.pdf